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Check List

1 – Fleas & Ticks pose a year-round threat. Not only can these pests cause skin irritation that can make life miserable for your cat or dog, they may also transmit diseases to both your pet(s) and/or your family.
We offer different options for flea and/or tick prevention, two of which are :
Easyspot (for Cats) and Parastar Plus (for Dogs) by Novartis
Applied as a single spot, the results are fast-acting and long-lasting control of fleas, ticks and chewing lice, for 30 days!
Easy to apply, waterproof and proven effective!

Did You Know…

1. Neutering your animal decreases not only roaming and marking of their territory, but can also substantially decrease testicular and prostatic cancers?

Neuter you pet at a young age to share a long, healthy life together.

2. An annual exam for your pet can help identify health problems at an early stage?

Have your pet examined once a year, and if your pet is older, blood work may be recommended to help identify any internal problems.

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